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Musculoskeletal health enables us to move freely and enjoy the things we can with the body we have. Our bodies are pushed day in, day out to meet the demands we require. This aspect of our health will be important to be maintained especially as we age and begin to decline in the ability to stay strong.

Musculoskeletal health encompasses the bones, tendons, muscles, skin, fascia, blood flow, nerve supply and lymphatic system. Optimal function of musculoskeletal health requires exercise and movement. It interacts biochemically through movement with the internal organs. Without maintenance this can lead to obesity, diabetes or metabolic diseases that can amount to more serious complications.

Conditions that arise from musculoskeletal disorders;
- Bone fractures, breaks
- Joint disorders, degeneration
- Arthritic conditions
- Acute pain
- Muscle fatigue
- Muscular and Ligament tears/sprains/strains
- Osteoporosis / Osteopenia
- Cancer

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