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Neurology is the make up of our nervous system that drives everything within us. The command centre of the brain and the spinal cord together with the peripheral system that governs all other neural elements. Completes our system by regulating and coordinating bodily functions. Day in and day out without us even having to think about how to organise this. It just happens.

But this ecosystem of organic material is fragile. Damage to the nerves, brain, or organs can disrupt this greatly. Causing imbalance, disharmony, pain, memory loss, speech impairment, loss of motor control, headaches, stroke, seizures and involuntary movements.

Medical conditions seen for Neurology issues:
- Bells Palsy
- Stroke
- Diabetic Neuropathy
- Shingles
- Tooth pain
- Migraines
- Spinal nerve compression
- Sciatica
- Nerve damage form surgery or injuries

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