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Not everyone is knowledgable about the process. That's why when you have a question we will answer it for you. If we are unable to provide the response immediately we will make sure to find it for you . 

  • What happens if I am late?
    Understandably life does get in the way and emergencies happen. If you are running late and know you will won't make your booked treatment time. Please call ahead and let the clinic know. If you are going to be slightly late then there is a small buffer time between the next patient. However there may also be room to move your appointment time down in some cases. If you are 10 minutes behind you will be contacted by phone to see if you are on your way. Please note, running behind does mean your treatment time is less. Your session time starts from the booking time arranged prior. NOTE: NO SHOWS and cancellations due to running late will be charged the full rate of the session.
  • What does the entrance look like?
  • How do I enter the building?
    You enter from Collins St. On the left is R. M.Williams and on the right side is Husk. The entrance door is a double dark green door that will be open. The times before 9am, the doors are locked for security and you will need to buzz the clinic when you arrive to be let in. Please don't try and use the keypad. It is only for building business owners.
  • Are there waiting areas?
    Yes. The main area of the psychology centre has a small waiting area for patients. This is a quiet waiting space and there is always seating available in a Covid safe arrangement.
  • Where on level 3 is your clinic located? I can’t see any signs.
    The clinic is located within the Melbourne Psychology Centre. It is on Level 3. It is a shared waiting area.
  • Can my partner/carer sit in with me for the session?
    Yes. If you require to be present for your child or request your partner / carer be present during the session. Then there is space in the treatment room. Alternatively there is the option for waiting i the reception area.
  • Im bringing my child in for the treatment? Do I have to be present?
    If under the age of 18yrs we require that a presenting parent guardian be present for the initial consultation and treatment also if they wish to sit in. Consent to treatment will require a guardian / parent signature in agreement to the policies and outlines for treatment.
  • What is the code on my confirmation booking used for?
    This code is for the door to the psychology centre on level 3 where the clinic is located. It is a silver combination keypad that you simply push the code and twist the handle to access.
  • Can I claim my Health Insurance rebate?
    Yes you can claim your health insurance rebate. But not on the spot. The third party facility to do so is not carried by the clinic. Claiming can be made once payment has been received. You will receive an invoice with your corresponding health insurance provider in which you upload to their member portal for claiming benefits. If claiming for multiple sessions then let the clinic know so a bulk treatment statement can be emailed to you for this. Remember your rebate claim is individual and the clinic has no control of this. We do not work with the health insurance providers. Your entitlements need to be known through your policy that you take out.
  • How can I pay? Do you accept all credit cards?
    You can pay via any means you have. All cards are accepted. Bank transfer is acceptable also. Should you require further time to organise funds, a generated invoice through Square will be issued with a small fee in which you can pay online.
  • Are there bathrooms available when I arrive?
    The bathrooms are separate. On level 2 is the Female and on level 3 is the Male. The keys are located in the reception of the clinic on the desk. The female bathroom is inside the entrance to Rakis Hairdressing. It is always open except outside of business hours. In which you need the female bathroom key.
  • Do you consider religious and sexual privacy?
    All privacy and consideration to any religious faith is taken into importance. At time of consultation please notify the practitioner of this so the required actions can be made. Everyone is welcome to receive treatment in a safe space.
  • Can treatments be done through clothing?
    Generally acupuncture is done with the area to be utilised free of restrictions and clothing. This is a safety precaution and also a comfort measure. During the session you will tend to move around slightly as you relax. Also you may be required to move affected parts of your body with points in. Having clothes on will not allow the needles to hold their place and pose a danger. Cupping is done directly to the skin as is gua sha. Some manual techniques of tuina, massage, stretching and acupressure can be done through clothing.
  • What should I expect from the session?
    From each session you should expect to be closer to your treatment plan goals. You will feel a deep connection to your body once again and more calm and clear mentally. Each patient's experience is unique and is always different each visit. The main aim of each session is for diagnosis to be made on presenting energy. Agreement on what goals you have for the session. Then carry out what treatment is required for the diagnosis and to best meet the expected goals. You should expect to leave the session in a more positively balanced state. One that carries through a new way to operate in your mind and body, back into the world. This state could last a few hours or a few days. It really depends on where you are in your healing curve and also your rate of response to treatment.
  • Is my privacy taken into consideration?
    Absolutely your privacy is a priority. You have the space to change and prepare yourself for the session. There are enough towels to cover prior to commencement. At all times your privacy is assured through correct draping where possible.
  • What is a treatment plan?
    A treatment plan is your road map to being better in health. It is a complete system of treatment frequency, herbal medicines and re-evaluation diagnostics. It will be explained in the initial consultation or re-evaluation of how many treatments will be required. Herbal medicine required and expected end range for agreed treatment goals.
  • How many sessions will I need for an ACUTE condition?
    Acute conditions can require 2-6 treatments or more depending on the condition. This can be any health concern that has just arisen or something that has a pattern such as menstrual cycle irregularities. Usually most acute conditions will clear in the first 3-4 visits. Acute conditions require treatments to be undertaken in close succession. 2-3 visits per week are what is required.
  • How many sessions will I need for a CHRONIC condition?
    Chronic conditions can be challenging especially when it comes to the realisation that a long treatment plan and strategy is required. Initially the treatment plan requires you to attend 2-3 treatments per week for the first 3 weeks. Thereafter it will be either weekly or every second week depending on the treatment goal. Re-evaluation is undertaken at objective time markers to assess progress. If herbal programs are undertaken then clinic visits won't be required as frequently. A general rule is for every month you have had the chronic condition then that will require at least 4 sessions. This is a general outline for you to understand that it is not a quick fix to turn around chronic health concerns.
  • What should I wear for the session?
    Wear comfortable loose clothing. Majority of acupuncture is carried out on the arms and legs. However the utilisation of the back and abdomen may require you to remove some clothing. If you arrive with tight clothing you will be required to disrobe for the session. This allows your system to relax and gain full benefit form the treatment you receive.
  • Do you provide a gown for treatment?
    No, there is no extra clothing supplied.
  • What do you specialise in?
    Without listing the many conditions the present to the clinic. My area of focus is in pain management, gastrointestinal health, mental health, neurology, musculoskeletal disorders and seasonal conditions. I also cover many aspects of woman's health which encompasses hormonal balance, menstrual irregularities and gynaecological disorders.
  • Where is best parking?
    Biggest issue in Melbourne is parking. But don't be scared off by it. It takes a little more time and a little planning. COLLINS ST - limited to 30min during the week up to 6pm RUSSEL ST - limited to 2hrs in most directions. WILSONS PARKING : book online and save ahead of time. Use promo code 'MELB8' at checkout for $8 parking.
  • What public transport is close?
  • What are your tips for parking?
  • Do you have handicap access?
    The building itself does not have access for wheelchair. There are three (3) steps in the entrance of the building. Access to the clinic and rest of the building has elevator success.
  • How does it taste? I’ve heard it’s hard to take.
    Depending on the formula required will vary in taste. The granule formulations are decoctions (cooked herbs with water) that have been reduced to a concentration and then spun dried with a starch from preservation. These have an almost original taste as to what a decoction would have. The taste can range from sweet, bitter, slightly sour with some being bland. It is based on the diagnosis as to what is to be taken. Overall most formulations taste fine and aren't difficult to drink If there is going to be an issue with granules, then patent pills, capsules or tea pills will be dispensed instead. However as these are already pre-made there is little room for modifications should this be required.
  • How do I prepare the granules? (video)
  • What if I run out before my next appointment?
    If you are finishing before your next appointment then we will arrange for more to be sent out to you. Otherwise if it is only for a short time then a small gap between is fine. As always check in with the clinic for this and you will be advised as to what the next steps will be.
  • Can I take less to make it last longer?
    No. The dosage and frequency is to be taken as described. This is herbal medicine and requires consistency to be of full healing benefit.
  • I have trouble swallowing pills.
    Herbal granules will be dispensed if this is the case.
  • Do you use animal products? Are there endangered animals in the herbs?
    There are some animal products in herbal medicine. We only utilise a few which consist of calcified bone, oyster shell and insect casings. Your dietary preference and standpoint is important and this is why during consultation you are asked. Please raise any concerns about this during your session. In Australia we have strict guidelines for herbal medicine and there are no animals that are endangered utilised in our practice.
  • I have allergies. Can you customise the herbal formulas?
    Yes. The majority of formulations are easily modified for allergies. If there are specific allergies please raise this in your consultation so the proper measures are in place before dispensing herbs. Allergies are also taken into account for the acupuncture session as liniments, herbal patches, sports taping and oils are utilised.
  • What is Electro Acupuncture Medicine?
    Electro acupuncture is the process of introducing alternate frequency through acupuncture needles. It is a gentle process that has profound effects on the nervous system and overall functionality of the body. Various frequencies delivered achieve specific results. The machines used in the clinic are ITO-ES and Pointer Plus activators. They run off 9volt batteries. Common uses are for pain reduction, labour induction, gastrointestinal disorders, musculoskeletal tension and inflammation.
  • What is Gua Sha?
  • What is it used for?
  • How long do the markings take to go away?
  • Is cupping making a bruise?
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