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Back Pain is not acceptable.

You don't have suffer the stress of constant back pain!

Acupuncture and Herbal medicine have proven to be effective options in relieving pain and reducing inflammation from pain and injuries.

How does this work?

Acupuncture can turn off pain by stimulating nerve fibres that carry the pain signal to the brain, as well as releasing natural pain-relieving chemicals called endorphins in the body.

This creates a pain-blocking effect, reducing the perception of pain. Additionally, acupuncture can help reset the body's pain threshold and stimulate blood flow, further helping you manage pain naturally.

Herbal medicine can move fluid stagnation which will reduce the pressure from blockages. Also assisting with blood strengthening and manufacturing. Which will be essential for cell and tissue repair. Herbs address the root cause of the issue therefore limiting any return to dysfunction.

Together Acupuncture and herbal medicine aim to : -Reduce inflammation and swelling -Increase circulation -Promote healing -Boost the immune system -Modulate the nervous system -Relieve muscle tension and spasms -Balance hormones

If you or anyone you know is suffering back pain and wish to know more. Reach out to us and we can go over everything involved in a tailored treatment plan. You don't have to suffer back pain. There are options for you to live pain free.

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