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Acupunture Plus


60 minute

Your Treatment

Acupuncture Plus is a combination treatment of acupuncture modalities and manual techniques. This style is for those who seek a deeper level of healing through musculoskeletal and internal mechanisms. Whilst this addresses the core foundation of balancing your internal system. It also addresses the skeletal and muscular position you're currently in to overall effect a positive lasting change.

Inclusive in this session:

- Diagnosis and evaluation of current health complaint

- Manual evaluation and special testing for musculoskeletal disorders

- Diagnosis of tongue and pulse if required.

- Herbal dispensing if required (herbal medicine not inclusive)

- Treatment utilising acupuncture and manual therapy techniques.

- Post care instruction and treatment plan management.

Whilst this does include massage techniques. It is not a specific massage treatment. These are orthopaedic manual techniques to further benefit the acupuncture treatment received.

This is best suited to those who enjoy a little more length in session time. As to those who find they respond well to muscular treatment also.

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