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Initial Consult Treatment


75 minute

Your Treatment

Your Initial intake is your stepping stone into a greater experience of what optimum health can be. In this initial stage we will analyse your current and past health history. Whilst focussing on the key factors that you seek to have assistance with.

Inclusive in this session is:

- Detailed history taking

- Pulse and tongue diagnosis

- Reading of associated test results an scan reports

- Diagnosis of current health position in Chinese Medicine framework

- Formulation and treatment with Acupuncture

- Dispensing of Herbal medicine if required (herb cost not inclusive)

- Outline of treatment plan required

- Dietary advice and home care options

This is your start to a new way to live. It is a big step in the right direction and we will ensure you are supported in every part. Goals for health can be small or large. But they all need a plan and when undertaken massive changes can happen.

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